A proposal to lower Nevada’s gambling age is among the 317 early bill draft requests (BDR) submitted so far by lawmakers and agencies for possible consideration by the 2017 Nevada legislature.

The list on the state legislature’s website is updated regularly with new proposals and offers a peek into some of the issues legislators will debate when they convene February 6 in Carson City for a 120-day session held every two years.

The list provides just a small description of what the proposals are all about. Written details are not released until bills are actually introduced in the Assembly or Senate.

For example, Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s BDR number 37 description reads: “Lowers minimum age to gamble in Nevada.”

Wheeler said his proposal would lower Nevada’s gambling age to 18 from 21.

“The idea of a BDR is to get the conversation going,” Wheeler told GamblingCompliance. “I’m also looking at it as a way to boost gaming revenues. I haven’t heard back yet from the NRA (Nevada Resort Association).”

Wheeler said he has asked the state’s legislative counsel to do a report on what type of revenue this proposal could generate. He added that his proposal could expand Nevada’s tourism to a younger generation.

“Anyone who is old enough to fight for their country is old enough to enjoy themselves,” Wheeler said in a phone interview. “I see a few problems with it, but there are a few benefits to my proposal. Let’s take a look at the idea.


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